Ron Sandack


Former Mayor, State Senator & State Representative

With over 20 years of experience as a practicing attorney, Ron Sandack is the epitome of a law professional who is dedicated to helping his clients succeed. His keen, lifelong interest in politics and highly successful career in law enabled him to previously held positions of Mayor, State Senator, and State Representative to name a few. Ron is a graduate of the University of Illinois and DePaul University College of Law and possesses certifications from the Northern District of Illinois, U.S. Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit, and the Illinois State Bar.

About Ron

Law and politics have been a lifelong interest and passion of Ron Sandack’s. He frequently writes about political issues relevant to his community as well as issues the state of Illinois faces. Politics is a hobby in which Ron accidentally found himself immersed in after college. Mr. Sandack began practicing law immediately after graduation and enjoyed a thriving career. In the early 2000’s, Ron began taking a more active role in the areas of politics that interested him. He held the positions within Downers Grove’s Liquor Commission and was elected Village Commissioner where he served on a variety of committees and acted as a liaison to the liquor and parking commissions. In 2007, Ron was elected Mayor of Downers Grove. Several years later, Mr. Sandack was appointed to a seat as State Senator and subsequently twice elected as State Representative all while continuing to champion and defend the rights of his clients as a practicing attorney.

Local issues were a significant motivator in Ron Sandack’s decision to pursue politics as well as a career in law. He knew with his experience and dedication that he could positively contribute to his Village as well as his state to improve upon the things he thought could have been done more effectively. Ron does not find politics particularly enjoyable, but he does thoroughly enjoy policy and governing because he can actively help others on a daily basis.

Ron Sandack has officially retired from most of his political positions but continues to actively participate in the process by voting and staying up to date on new policies and proposed legislation. Ron is currently a Partner and co-owner of Gaido & Fintzen, a law firm dedicated to helping others through a diligent and caring approach. Mr. Sandack and his firm belief that going the extra mile for their clients should be the norm and often results in more efficient work and a higher level of preparation as a result of this commitment.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Mr. Sandack recently discovered a newfound love of running. He is a lifelong fan of sports and played a wide variety of them throughout his childhood all the way through college. Ron can no longer play competitively but still enjoys staying in shape and the challenge of reaching new personal bests.