When a Fair Tax is Not Fair

The new Governor and members of his party tout the idea of a “fair tax” when in many ways it could be regarded as the opposite. We shouldn’t be surprised that our lawmakers are unable to define the word “fair” when they are unable to define the word “balanced”.

A Governor’s First 100 Days

Governor Pritzker celebrated his first 100 days in office in April and his office released a list of his accomplishments in these first 100 days. Pritzker came into office with big plans of what he wanted to achieve and the policies that he wanted to enforce.

Fund Consolidation for Pension Relief

But, finally, Governor Pritzker has started to address the $185 billion dollar elephant in the room. One of his proposals in February addressed the subject of our pension debt and organized a task force that would evaluate the use of consolidation.

Asset Transfers for Pension Relief

First, what exactly is “asset relocation”? Well, it’s a fancy term for transferring public assets– ostensibly from a government’s general fund to a pension fund to boost its value. Voila, problem solved, right? Well, not so much.

Governor Pritzker’s Budget Breakdown

Gov. Pritzker’s five-year budget plan aims to pay off debt, cut taxes “for most” and raise taxes, significantly, on others, and seek to stimulate economic growth. The plan — given the prevailing circumstances — makes big promises for growth to better the state’s fiscal footing. Color me skeptical of these lofty goals.

What Does a Vehicle Mileage Tax Look Like?

The recent gubernatorial and current Chicago mayor elections have brought forth a plethora of new taxing ideas. While no politicians seem interested in less government spending or reducing the size and scope of government’s gigantic footprint in Illinois, literally dozens of new fees or taxes have been bandied about by Illinois politicians.